We are partnering with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) on the CO-CARES initiative to implement various levels of engagement for peer support and programs to support wellbeing, both at the individual and the organizational level. The CO-CARES website allows you to self-navigate all resources available. If you'd like to set up a meeting with someone from our team to discuss which CO-CARES program is best for you or your organization, email us at pastthepandemic@cuanschutz.edu or join one of our Resource Rooms.

Resource RoomsWednesdays at 11:00-11:50am MST. Join by Zoom. Click to register for the date that works for you.

Drop in any time over the lunch hour with your questions, thoughts and needs you’re currently facing.  We want to hear from you, connect, and help answer your questions about Past the Pandemic or other Peer Support programs through the CO-CARES initiatives we are partnering with. All programs are offered at no cost to individuals, teams, and organizations.  A team member of Past the Pandemic will help you decide which program best fits your needs.

  • Some examples of questions may be: 
    • “I want to be supportive of my peers, but I feel so burned out and also want help for myself. Where should I start?”
    • “I am a team leader and not sure where to start. I have administrative support but not sure how to speak to these programs with them.”
    • “What’s the difference between First Priority Peer Support and GRIT trainings?”
    • “Will Past the Pandemic help me help my team?”

Past the Pandemic will offer registration at two different levels. 


The Goals of this course are to...

  • To recognize signs and symptoms of stress and burnout.
  • Prevent impact of stress injury.
  • Gain tools to respond to stress in a healthcare setting.
  • Promote connection with other health care workers.

Past the Pandemic: Individual Wellbeing, Connection and Support

This is our most popular program and is offered in collaboration with ECHO Colorado.

Series Objectives:

  1. Participants will gain an understanding of the Stress Continuum model. 
  2. Participants will recognize the centrality of the five themes of psychosocial resilience (safety, connection, calm, efficacy, and sense of future/hope) to manage stress. 
  3. Participants will learn to utilize tools to mitigate stress injury impact, such as Individualized Resiliency Planning, stress management techniques, communication skills, and mindfulness practices. 
  4. Participants will feel supported by the Past the Pandemic community. 
  5. Participants will know when and how to obtain mental health resources.

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Series Description:

This ECHO series offers providers and other staff working in health care settings an opportunity to navigate, normalize and validate worries, stressors and experiences related to various health care environments. Participants will develop an awareness of the manifestations of stress along a continuum. With this framework, each session will provide helpful tangible tools in a psychoeducational didactic format to increase capacity, mitigate burnout, elevate connectedness and mindfulness, and promote self-efficacy and quality patient care. This series is the latest iteration of Past the Pandemic, launched in 2020, and provides updated curriculum to capture current stressors in health care. This program is now a part of a state-wide initiative, Colorado CARES (link to site, to be provided in future, not now), aimed to increase healthcare worker retention and resiliency.

The first two sessions are required, as they are foundational to the rest of the series and will introduce language and concepts that will be woven throughout the remaining sessions. Presence is encouraged for all sessions, as this is an interactive series offering a space to connect with other health care workers. All video modules are posted and available to view at one’s own pace for sessions that are missed. Participants will have access to a Toolkit as well as ongoing weekly Resource Rooms led by a mental health professional to encourage and practice a common language, support and resources.

The Past the Pandemic Toolkit is a self-paced PDF document. It was built to accompany this series with additional exercises, worksheets, and opportunities for reflection and a rich resource list with active links. It is meant to be a guide to use alongside the video modules, but it can also be shared with others in your teams and organizations to spread knowledge, as it is a self-explanatory resource.

Past the Pandemic: Individual Wellbeing, Connection and Support registration will allow access to:

  • 6 weeks of Asynchronous self-paced video content with opportunity to attend Live sessions to discuss and view modules.
  • Past the Pandemic Toolkit with worksheets, material and resources
  • Ongoing support from the Past the Pandemic community, including weekly Resource Rooms
  • Utilization of Department of Psychiatry resources such as the Well-Being Support Line to seek additional mental health support.

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Past the Pandemic: Individual Wellbeing, Connection and Support Canvas course


This course is an asynchronous, self-paced offering, giving you an ability to access the content in your own time. It offers the same curriculum as original Past the Pandemic ECHO series above, but without a live session commitment. **Coming soon: Supplemental Module for Team Leaders!**

This course offers health care providers and other staff working in health care settings strategies to name, normalize, and validate worries and experiences during this pandemic and beyond. Each topic will have self-paced video modules providing helpful, tangible tools in a psychoeducational format. By understanding stress along a continuum, participants will learn how to manage stress and loss, increase capacity to prevent burnout, elevate connectedness and mindfulness, and promote self-efficacy and quality patient care.​

Upon registering, you will receive an invitation to participate in this course.  Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion as an Ambassador of Wellbeing in the Work Place!

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Thank you for your interest. We hope to see you in one of our programs soon!