Module 2

Digging Deeper: How the Biology of Stress Informs Burnout Prevention

This module has 3 associated videos. Start with the video from Dr. Andy Novick, who helps us better understand the biology of stress and stress injuries. He expounds on how stress can be both helpful and impairing and the concept of learned helplessness. Next, watch the video from Mandy Doria about how this relates to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Finally, find a quiet space to sit and watch the third video, where we will discuss the importance of regaining a sense of control through the use of a tool called the Individualized Resiliency Plan (IRP). We encourage you to print out pages 28-30 in your toolkit where you’ll find the opportunity to write down elements for your own IRP. We will be referring to this tool in other sessions as well and encourage you to keep it in an accessible place (along with your Stress Continuum and Battery Snapshot) where you can refer to it regularly and make needed changes or adjustments to help you “trend toward the green”.

Video Part I

Video Part II

Video Part III

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